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Sri Balaji Industrial Construction

Sri Balaji Industrial Construction

Aluminum Work (Facade System)

The best technicians for aluminium work are here!

In the modern world, everything is changing quickly. And in a similar pattern, the architecture world is also changing. Over the past few years, aluminium has become the first choice of modern-day architects as it is light and durable. If you are looking for experts in facade systems then the first name that strikes your mind is Balaji constructions, as we have years of experience in such kinds of works.

Why do people choose aluminium?

Now the most prominent question that strikes in one's mind is that why people choose aluminium over any other metal. In order to answer this question, numerous augments can be presented. Being the top industrial construction companies we also recommend aluminium. Some most prominent reasons are -

● Such commercial buildings which are constructed using aluminium are lighter, stronger and more efficient as compared to others that are constructed using steel or copper.
● We all know very well that aluminium is a highly sustainable metal and 100% recyclable due to this reason aluminium cladding has become quite prevalent in different kinds of industrial construction.
● The facade work is actually ideal for high rise buildings.
● If you are choosing aluminium claddings then you are also helping in saving the environment as aluminium claddings are eco-friendly.
● The melting point of aluminium is very low, hence it becomes very easy to melt down the sheets and reshape them in the desired size and shape.
● If you are looking for lightweight structures then the facade system is the best. The weight of the aluminium structures is around one-third of the weight of steel.
● We all know very well that aluminium is highly corrosion resistant hence it is preferred over other metals like copper and iron.
● If you are looking for renovation work then also aluminium is the best. One can add aluminium claddings to the exterior of old buildings due to their lightweight nature.
● The aluminium can be easily recycled. If you are using it then you can reduce the carbon footprint associated with Aluminum cladding.
● The biggest advantage of facade work in construction is that it provides one of the most feasible solutions for common issues like energy efficiency. The buildings which have aluminium structures are comparatively more energy efficient.

This structure has some limitations as well. You can not put extra pressure on the building structure made up of aluminium claddings as these structures are not suitable for that. Being one of the leading civil work contractor in Pune; we understand the different challenges of the construction business and work according to that to provide quality services to our clients so that they do not have to spend money again and again on frequent repairs and renovations.

Besides aluminium work, Balaji Constructions offers quality services in road construction, Turnkey Projects, factory shed fabrication, warehouse construction, interior design and other similar aspects of industrial construction. If you are also looking for a trustworthy platform that can provide reliable construction services then Balaji should be the first choice in any case.