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Sri Balaji Industrial Construction

Sri Balaji Industrial Construction


1. Why Prefabricated Sheds are widely used?

Prefabricated Sheds are widely used due to the following reasons-
● It saves construction time
● It is cost-effective
● It is very environmentally friendly
● It is highly durable
● It is flexible
● It can be used in different locations

2. What is a Turnkey Project Service?

If someone outsources the services of expert technicians and contractors for completing an entire project then it is termed a Turnkey Project. It is a type of project which is completed by a contractor to sell out to any other person. At Balaji, we offer a highly customised Turnkey Project Service.

3. What is the significance of Factory Shed Fabrication Services?

Such fabricated sheds use high review crude material to ensure quality gauges. The Factory Shed Fabrication Services of Balaji ensures lifted toughness, elasticity and resistivity to different weather conditions. These sheds are inferable and broadly used in different industries because of their fabulous quality, vigorous development and toughness.

4. What kind of work is included in the term “Civil Works”?

Civil Works involves earthworks, the construction of bridges, dams and other similar tasks, but the construction of buildings, electrical and mechanical plants can not be included in the list of civil works.

5. What are the crucial factors of Warehouse Construction?

Some important factors are-
● Layout and Flow of Building
● Size of the Warehouse
● Proximity to Major Linkages
● Regulations
● Zoning and Desired Customer Base
● Material Handling Capabilities
● Availability of Skilled Workforce

6. What is the difference between PEB and conventional steel structures?

Pre-engineered buildings are usually constructed by small steel built-up sections. These sections are fabricated in the factory and assembled at the site of construction. On the other hand in conventional steel buildings, metal structures are constructed by rolled steel sections which are fabricated at the site.

7. Why do we need customised Machine Foundations?

Machine foundations are needed to encounter dynamic forces or vibrations caused by different machines. The machine foundations prepared by Balaji completely distribute the loads from the structure to a large base area to minimise the vibrations.

8. What is Treemax Flooring?

Treemax flooring is a type of floor tile. It is different from an ordinary tile in terms of strength. Treemax flooring has the supreme strength that makes it able to handle heavy traffic without getting broken downs.

9. What is a Facade System?

The facade defines the feel and the overall look of the structure. This term refers to the external design, style or colour of any structure. Aluminium is usually used for this work. Balaji Construction is one of the leading industrial construction companies in Pune that is known to provide quality services of industrial construction.

10. Why do you need an expert for Industrial Interior Works?

The interior work in industrial construction is equally important. If you do not pay proper attention to the interior of industrial construction then it may affect the overall structure and the efficiency of the employees working in the structure. Our skilled designers fulfil the expectations of everyone who comes to us while seeking industrial interior design.