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Sri Balaji Industrial Construction

Sri Balaji Industrial Construction

PEB and Heavy Fabrication works

When it comes to PEB & Heavy Fabrication Works Balaji is the boss!

We are one of the leading industrial construction companies based in Pune. We offer different services related to engineering and construction according to International standards. Balaji Construction has been offering premium quality pre engineered steel buildings to our dedicated clients for many years and has become one of the leading platforms in Pune and nearby areas. If you are also looking for any kind of requirement related to PEB & Heavy Fabrication Works do not hesitate to connect with us immediately.

In the modern world everything is moving with the speed of a rocket, in such a scenario, if you are slow then you are out of the race. Due to this reason the culture of pre-engineered buildings has been discovered and developed over the last few years. In this concept the contractor provides the basic steel framework along with the roofing components and cladding. All these components can be easily attached together in the desired location. It is a highly advanced technology and designing part is done by hitech softwares. You can used the concept of pre engineered buildings for -

● Factories
● Schools
● Colleges
● Markets
● Auditoriums
● Shopping malls
● Sports Complex
● Hospitals
● Offices

In short we can say that, PEB & heavy fabrication works have a wide significance in all the non residential buildings. If your project is non residential then you can easily choose this concept to make it robust and cost-efficient. And choose the best industrial construction companies like us.

What are the benefits of pre-engineered buildings?

PEB fabrication is a new concept in the market. It is a more developed and advanced technology to make commercial construction efficient and affordable. The major benefits of the pre-engineered building concept are as follows-

● In the designing part, much advanced software is used for such a kind of structure which is not available with conventional fabrication. The drafting is also done by highly advanced software based on artificial intelligence. One can easily prepare drawings in 2 to 3 weeks.
● This structure is as much as 30% lighter than the conventional design. It requires a simple foundation which is easy to design and construct. On the other hand, in conventional fabrication a very heavy foundation is required.
● The biggest advantage of such a structure is that it can be easily delivered to the client within just 8 to 10 weeks. On the other hand, if you go with the conventional process it will take around six months.
● If we talk about pricing of such a design then it is almost half of the conventional one. In PEB you will get an outstanding architecture at a very low cost
● In such a project you don't have to coordinate with different organisations and persons because in PEB, there is a sole responsibility of a single source to supply all the parts and install them perfectly.

So, if you are also looking to go with a highly advanced technology then connect with Balaji as we are the best for PEB Structures Fabrication.