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Sri Balaji Industrial Construction

Sri Balaji Industrial Construction

Machinery & Equipment

Here you will get all the latest Machinery and equipment When it comes to industrial construction there are two basic requirements. First sufficient expertise of manpower and the second one is modern machinery. If you are lacking in any of them then you would not be able to provide the desired results. Due to this reason, Balaji construction never hesitates in investing in quality equipment and experienced staff. At Balaji, you will get all the latest machinery and equipment that are necessary for industrial construction companies. The hi- tech machines of our platform will ensure that every single task would be executed with complete perfection. We never compromise with the quality aspect of our work. Along with modern machines, we have highly trained operators as well to use them properly.

We believe in quality and always deliver quality!

Our highly advanced machines

● Trimix Flooring Machine
We have six highly advanced Trimix Flooring Machines which are made using modern technology. With the inclusion of such modern machines and innovative tools, we are able to deliver quality work of Trimix Flooring. The main advantage of this Trimix Flooring Machine is that it reduces the water-cement ratio as compared to the normal concrete slabs. It consists of -

● Double Beam Screed Vibrator
● Floater cum Trowel
● Vacuum Pump
● Groove Cutting Machine.
● Hydraulic excavator

We all know that the demand for excavation is increasing constantly in the construction world due to this reason we have highly advanced Hydraulic excavators to complete the task quickly. As one of the leading industrial construction companies in Pune, we have nine Tata Hitachi EX 200 hydraulic excavators.

Along with the above-mentioned machines, we have a big array of dedicated equipment for-
● Quality Control
● Excavation Equipment
● Concreting Equipment
● Steel Shuttering
● Flooring

Due to a big range of dedicated equipment, we are able to provide desired results that make us the best Industrial Contractors in Pune. If you also want to get your construction work done with experienced technicians and highly advanced machinery then you should contact Balaji Constructions.

Balaji Construction is different from others!

If you compare different industrial construction platforms then you will conclude that Balaji construction is the best and the cheapest. When you search for the Factory construction company then you will get a big list of different construction platforms but not all of them have all the essential machinery to complete your task with perfection and within the pre- decided time limit. Hence it becomes important to connect with an expert industrial contractor which has all the modern machines to get quality work.

If the contractor has advanced machines then the finishing and quality of work are completely different. When we compare such construction with manual work then the difference becomes obvious. Due to this reason, Balaji construction always invests in modern technology to deliver the best results. Hence if you have any kind of requirement related to the civil construction and you are looking for Road construction companies in Pune, then connect us immediately to get something more than your expectations.